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VEX Team 8390

R2G2 has 25 members who attend Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Our team name, R2G2, stands for Robots, Rockets, Girls, and Gryphons (our school mascot). It's a nod to what we like to do and who we are.

Team 8390A was formed upon receiving a grant from Northrop Grumman, and the team's first season was Nothing But Net (2015- 2016). Team 8390B was formed after receiving a kit from the REC Foundation during the Starstruck season (2016-2017). We are also very appreciative of support received from the Hexadyne Corporation.

Team 8390B (Juniors)

Lauren J (Captain)
Kaylin C
Rebekah H
Natalia K
Jackie O
Alaina O
Lauren P
Emily S
Sarah T

Team 8930C (Freshmen & Sophomores)

Megan P (Captain)
Cathy C
Kiyomi K
Angelica L
Brooklyn J
Maitland K
Sophia M
Nikky R
Karina R
Isabella SM
Lili S
Sophia T
Bailey W
Emily Y
Leilani z


VEX 2015-2016

Nothing but Net

  • Sportsmanship Award
  • Create Award
  • Judges Award
  • Energy Award
  • 2nd Annual VEX All-girls Showcase Tournament Winner
  • REC Online Texas Instruments Challenge: Finalist

VEX 2016-2017


  • Judges Award
  • Design Award
  • Tournament Finalist
  • Excellence Award
  • Qualified for California State Championship
  • 3rd Annual VEX All-girls Showcase Build Award
  • 3rd Annual VEX All-girls Showcase Tournament Winner

VEX 2017-2018

In the Zone

  • Judges Award
  • Design Award
  • Build Award
  • Tournament Finalist
  • 4th Annual VEX All-girls Showcase Innovate Award

VEX 2018-2019

Turning Point

  • Think Award
  • Design Award
  • Judges'Award
  • Tournament Winner
  • Excellence Award

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